One day, everything will be free is a feature-length documentary about an ecological restoration project run by a utopian community located in one of the most politically complicated and environmentally degraded terrains in the world—in an area of referred to locally as "the wasteland."

The movie explores the motivations, contradictions, and broader implications of Sadhana Forest Haiti, an unlikely reforestation community organized around an alternative, cashless economy in an area of Haiti devastated by soil erosion and social immobility.

All too familiar are those documentaries delivering concise, articulate narratives on the seemingly catastrophic and unsolvable problems with contemporary society—and especially our relationship to the natural world. Yet, what remains lacking is a grasp of the significant individuals and organizations making an effort to meaningfully address these critical issues of climate change, environmental degradation, and ineffective or dependency-inducing international aid. As such, there is an urgent need for documentaries that look critically and dynamically at the models which have offered significant and vibrant approaches toward addressing these pressing environmental and social concerns.

One day, everything will be free is a solutions-focused environmental documentary that examines the complex social and political dynamics of a grassroots model for community living, ecological restoration, and holistic environmentalism. We meet people who are confronting the obstacles and even contradictions that emerge when they try to regain control over their lives by living in a cooperative, sustainable community. And through the perspectives of those within and outside of this community, we learn about the difference between that which is hard to translate and that which is lost in translation when it comes to working toward a state of being that represents a fuller realization of human potential.

 Key topics: ecological restoration, climate change, sustainability, permaculture, biomimicry, reforestation, international aid, free economy, alternative economies, community living, eco-village, utopia, autonomy, freedom, appropriate technology, Haiti, Sadhana Forest

One day, everything will be free
HD color video. 83 minutes. 
Directed by Joseph Redwood-Martinez