" Although One day, everything will be free is Redwood-Martinez's first attempt at filmmaking, his immersion into the Sadhana Forest project gave him rare insight, which comes through poignantly in the film."
Phoenix New Times

"With grace, the film reflects on the dynamics of an ecological restoration community with implications that will deeply inform the ongoing discussions of critical and timely issues faced by the larger international permaculture community today."
- Permaculture Research Institute

"Thank you for this wonderful gift. It is an amazing film, with a humility to it that is disarming. I've seen dozens of documentary films about intentional communities, permaculture, and other progressive ideas, causes and exposés, and most of them are slick, structured to make a particular argument, and hence a bit manipulative. Your film by contrast just puts everything out there: the criticisms, the doubts, the successes, and the sheer indeterminability of success of this immensely important and novel project, and leaves it for the viewer to observe and decide. It's refreshing, and also a bit frightening -- I don't think viewers are used to having the responsibility to think about and resolve the ambiguities of a complex situation when they watch a documentary. I hope it's a style that catches on, because it honors the intelligence of the audience."
- Dave Pollard
author, How to Save the World

"Ecological restoration is a key part of permaculture. Many believe that is possible to have both food production and restoration within a permaculture project. But can such a project work in desperately poor and degraded places, where both cultural factors, political issues and people's impoverishment are key issues? This brilliant film, One day, everything will be free, is a complex documentary by an independent filmmaker examining a young and idealistic ecological restoration community in Haiti using a permaculture approach––with all the difficulties such a project faces. The film is honest, reflective, and questioning."
- Peter Brandis
permaculture instructor and moderator, What is Permaculture?


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